My new phone — Nokia N82

August 19, 2008 at 8:56 PM (General) (, , , , , , , )

I got a new cellphone yesterday.  This is Nokia N Series phone — the N82.

For quite some time, I’d been thinking of replacing my existing phone (a Sony Ericsson W700i).  I wanted to get a phone on which I could listen to music and watch videos (with the ability to rewind and fast-forward), and the camera was also important.  My brother’s friend has an N73 Music Edition phone, and seeing that in action in Bangalore was what inspired me to also get an N Series phone.

The current N82 is an awesome phone and is ideal for all the things I mentioned above — it has 2 GB of storage, supports various audio and video formats, and has an excellent camera on board.  By the way, the camera is comparable to a digital camera, and is superior to cameras found on most mobile phones.  This is a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash.  It records MP4 video too, in a very decent resolution (640 × 480).  I didn’t have much time to experiment with the phone yet, but I will get to that, given some time.

The phone can use an existing wireless network, hence, I was able to browse webpages on it by connecting to our home network (by the way, we got a wireless router recently, so that our Tata Indicom connection is made into a wireless signal, with encryption of course).

One of the things I want to do on top priority is to encode my drawing videos into MP4 files and upload them to the phone.  This way, I can show them off to people very easily!  Perhaps later, I can also check out some of the SDKs available for these phones.  By the way, did you know, you can transcode video by using VLC media player?  The File » Open dialog has a "Stream/Save" option by which you can convert video from one format into another.

Check out this comprehensive review of the phone.  I read this before buying the phone, hence was very happy with my decision.  The pictures in that review are of the grey/silver N82 model, whereas I got a black one.  That’s me in the picture above, with my new phone.  That photo was obviously not taken with the phone, but with the webcam on my laptop.


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Varun has moved to Bangalore

August 19, 2008 at 7:27 PM (General) (, , )

My brother Varun recently moved to Bangalore.  He was recruited on campus by Wipro Technologies, and he recently got his joining date at the company.  He was asked to report to Bangalore on 13 Aug, and his training began yesterday.  My parents and I also went to Bangalore for a few days, to help him settle down (hence, I’d taken a few days off from work).

We reached Bangalore on 13-Aug-08 morning (Varun and his friends reached there a day earlier), and looked for some accommodations in BTM Layout and in Koramangala.  Varun is now staying in a place in Koramangala.

The above photo was taken at Pizza Hut in The Forum Mall.  Varun, three of his friends, myself and my parents are in the picture.  By the way, it was my treat!

I hope Varun has a great time in Bangalore.  He has taken my old laptop with him — it served me well, and I hope it does the same for him too (we put in a 160 GB disk and added a GB of RAM before he took it).

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August 3, 2008 at 7:56 PM (General)

For the next few weeks I will be making updates here, on my WordPress blog. is currently offline.  The domain has been renewed, but I am planning to change the host, and for that I would need to transfer the domain from the current registrar to the new one.  And apparently, if you transfer the domain within 45 days of renewal, you lose one year of validity when you transfer it.

Hence, I thought, rather than letting the updates completely stop, I will keep writing stuff here.  The new host offers the possibility to set up WordPress, and I was thinking of using that as opposed to my custom-written blogging platform (by the way "custom-written blogging platform" sounds way more elegant than needed).

So, this will take some time to settle down.  Until then, please keep visiting this blog for further updates.

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February 24, 2007 at 12:38 PM (General)

Since August 2006, I have been making all my blog posts on my own website,, so please go there for the blog, my artwork, movie reviews, Doom content, and lots more!

[Edit: 30-Jul-08 22:25] Currently, is offline as I renew the hosting package.  Should be back up in a few days time.

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Back to!

September 5, 2006 at 9:43 PM (General)

I spent the last month or so doing a redesign for my website,  I first set up the site in 2002, and until 2004 had maintained my blog there.  However, owing to the fact that I didn’t have proper access to FTP and all while I was in TAPMI, I used Blogger and later in 2006 started using this WordPress blog.

Now I’ve revamped with a brand new design, and added all my old content to it.  From now on, I’ll be writing my posts over at that site itself.  Of course, this blog will still be here, to preserve the posts I’ve written, and if required I may make the occasional post here.

However, henceforth, for access to all my content, including the blog, please go to

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Going to Hyderabad

July 8, 2006 at 2:06 AM (General)

I am going to be in Hyderabad for the next few days (vacation)!  I’ve taken leave on the 10th, 11th and the 12th, so I get to spend some good time at home.

My flight’s departure time is 5:40 AM.  I plan to leave the house here at 3 AM (an hour from now), take a call taxi and go to the airport.  I should reach home by 7:30 AM.  (What about sleep?  I will do that on the plane!)

I will be back on 12th night — that flight leaves Hyderabad at around 9 PM and so I expect to be back in Chennai at around 11 PM or so.

Been looking forward to a vacation for some time, so I’m happy I’m getting to go now.

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Thanks for the Birthday Presents!

May 15, 2006 at 12:35 AM (General)

Yes, it is officially now my birthday (May 15), and I’m 24…  Wanted to say thanks to all those who called and wished me today.

Got a couple of cool presents.  Varun mailed me a Birthday Card with a edited photo of myself and a System of a Down song in the background.  Awesome editing on his part, though that’s to be expected, isn’t it!

And Pablo sent me a couple of his unreleased Doom II maps (I remember some five years ago when I received his Red Evil map as a birthday present) — I played both (one is an extended version of the other) and had fun.  Good stuff!

EDIT: 16 May, 1:45 AM: Had a nice day today…  Got a birthday card from colleagues at work, thanks also for the cake!  Thanks to my roommates for getting me this:

My Birthday Gifts

Watched the Sanjay Dutt-starrer Tathastu (…So Be It) and came back home.

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Illustration Friday and Gridlock

May 12, 2006 at 2:20 AM (General)

Came upon a couple of days back.  The concept of the site is really good — a topic is announced every Friday, and through the week, artists of all levels can submit links to pictures they have created.  (Reminds me of Doomworld Speedmapping, actually!)

I am thinking of participating in this tomorrow.  Let’s see what the topic is, I will draw something based on it and post it here.  Told Varun about it too, probably he will participate as well.

Varun also pointed me to this game called Gridlock.  See this chat transcript from sometime back:

Karthik Abhiram: This game is pretty good
Karthik Abhiram: I'm on Level 4
Varun Abhiram: hehee get till level 20 and you'll go mad
Varun Abhiram: that crazy fella made 40 levels it seems

Well, I am on Level 20 now and I am going mad.

Gridlock - Level 20

EDIT (13 May, 10:20 PM): Had a look at the theme for Illustration Friday at office yesterday — it’s Angels and Devils.  And today I did an illustration based on this.  The pencilling is almost complete, after that is done I will scan it and colour it on the computer.  That will be the next post here.

Currently on Level 25 of Gridlock.  Can’t seem to figure out this one at all…

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Some recent (and not-so-recent) acquisitions

May 8, 2006 at 5:15 PM (General)

Some recent and not so recent acquisitions

Pictured above: some recent (and older) purchases.  On Saturday I bought this book called History and Techniques of the Great Masters: Rembrandt by Andrew Morrall.  On top of that, you can also see the Rang De Basanti VCD which I bought.  Yet to see it though.

The VCD of My Wife’s Murder was bought about a week ago.

And then, there is the DVD of Fight Club, which I bought in January.  In the picture is the outer cover, which looks like a package wrapped in brown paper, the actual DVD case, and the second disc, containing the supplemental material.

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Kiss Your Ice Goodbye

May 8, 2006 at 4:59 PM (General)

The post title is the tagline for Ice Age 2 which I watched yesterday (wish I could come up with something that clever…).  I went to Pallavaram to visit my cousin Ashwin and his parents yesterday, and we watched the movie in the evening.

I have been meeting relatives over the last few days.  Last Thursday was my cousin’s wedding, and on Friday night I had gone to my uncle’s place in Thiruvanmiyur.  Spent Saturday there.  It was really nice to spend time with my cousins.

Today is the last day of the "long weekend", and so far the day has been spent doing random things in front of the computer (reading on the net, even a bit of IM chatting with my friends, downloading stuff).  Personally I think this is a really good way to spend a holiday — having nothing planned, just sitting in front of the computer and letting the hypertext take you where it wants.  Randomness is good.

I am now planning to download some movies from the Internet Archive.  Roger Corman’s 1963 The Terror finished downloading about half an hour ago.

EDIT: 5:39 PM: Movies that I plan to download: The Lost World (1925), M (1931), The Last Man on Earth (1964).  Currently downloading is D.O.A. (1949).

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