Illustration Friday: Sticky Alien Goo

July 2, 2006 at 11:44 PM (Art)

Illustration Friday

Well, it’s that time of the week again… this week’s topic at Illustration Friday is Sticky.

And here is my interpretation of the theme, called "Sticky Alien Goo"!

Sticky Alien Goo by Karthik Abhiram

Now I love chewing bubblegum (favourite type is Fusen gum).  And as we all know, if you chew bubblegum for a while, then take it out and start playing with it, it gets really messy and sticky.  So the idea for my illustration was just that, show someone who had made a mess of things, and had bubblegum stuck on the fingers.

But as I was painting my image (yes, that is my own left hand in the picture, and no, I did not have any sticky stuff on my fingers), I wasn’t able to get the bubblegum to stand out properly from the colour of the fingers, therefore I decided to change things a little.  I painted the bubblegum in blue colour.  And obviously then it didn’t look like bubblegum any more, so I decided to give more of an SF-slant to my image, and call it, Sticky Alien Goo!

This is my third watercolour painting for Illustration Friday.  I think this turned out better than my previous two attempts.  Oh, and the title sounds like something my friend Pablo Dictter would come up with!



  1. Amy said,

    Great illo! I love the line thickness and the use of color.

  2. Stephanie said,

    the colors and line wieghts are great! good job 🙂

  3. Ismaele said,

    Pretty weird! 😛

  4. Loca-Bandoca said,

    This is what I was trying to do, but can’t. I can’t draw like this, your illo is great, love it.

  5. Bron Smith said,

    I like your rough, graphic drawing and painting style.

  6. Marie-Dom said,

    This makes me GRIN from ear to ear! Great picture!

  7. Jayster said,

    This type of image ALWAYS reminds me of an incident that happened to me when i was about 9. I put a peanut in my mouth, with soem chewing gum. The resultant consistency was amazing!!!!. My mum and dad were asleep, so I tried to get the gum off. I got it on my fingers, and it stuck, then i got it on a cloth, and a brush, and the taps in the bathroom……. It got EVERYWHERE, and it stetched in ultra thin chords of stickiness between everything I touched. I did it all very quietly, but eventually had to admit defeat and call for help. I think they had to use nail varnish remover or something.

    The Moral?

    Don’t EVER mix nuts and chewing gum.

    Great image by the way.

  8. Mansi said,

    Nice…. i like the glow in the gum and love the way you’ve rendered the hand as well…. The best part is that, the way the hand is positioned, hints at the frustration one often feels when caught in a similar situation…. though of course, the gum is of a more home grown variety : )

    Posted the comment previously in the wrong entry… you can edit that out if you wish…

  9. Willie said,

    Nice one!

  10. Karthik Abhiram said,

    Thanks for the comments, everyone.

  11. Pablo said,

    i think this is really awesome!
    your best one this far (well, surreal jungle rules hell too)


  12. lil kim said,

    nice painting – it looks like lasers bouncing between the fingers. wouldn’t want to put it in my mouth though.

  13. joe said,

    i’d lighten up on the contour next time. it’s way too thick of a line.
    it doesn’t look sticky.

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