Drawing: Surya from Ghajini

May 21, 2006 at 8:49 AM (Art)

Yet another drawing from me!

Surya by Karthik Abhiram

This is a drawing of Tamil film actor Surya, and was done for a colleague of mine at office (she is a big fan of Surya’s).  A photo from the movie Ghajini was used as reference.  Did this in pencil, then scanned and added some colour on the computer.  I think this has come out pretty well.

Comments are welcome…

EDIT: 9:49 AM: I noticed a flaw in the drawing (there was less hair on Surya’s right, due to which the shape of his head looked unrealistic!!), which I corrected.  Because of this, I had to scan the image and colour it all over again.  In the end though, this turned out far better than the original colouring job, so I’m happier with the result!



  1. Varun said,

    Although the drawing itself isn’t your best (his nose is elongated), the colouring is totally awesome!

    Viewed the source and the code for the image itself is missing. Looks something like .

  2. Varun said,

    Hehe guess typing html code in comments confuses WordPress 😛

    And I can’t delete my comments?

  3. Ismaele said,

    I like this drawing very much. 🙂 It shows a great ability and it looks pretty realistic! 🙂

  4. Srikanth said,

    Looks pretty koool. Nice one!! Probably, I will start a small painting firm and we can be partners. You do the drawing and I manage the firm!! hahaha… Good work.

  5. surya karthik said,

    ofcourse he resembles actor surya but correctly being an engineering student i describe it as
    but the picture came out pretty well

  6. actorsurya said,

    Varanam aayiram Songs here…..

  7. Venkatesh said,

    I like very much super

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