Illustration Friday and Gridlock

May 12, 2006 at 2:20 AM (General)

Came upon a couple of days back.  The concept of the site is really good — a topic is announced every Friday, and through the week, artists of all levels can submit links to pictures they have created.  (Reminds me of Doomworld Speedmapping, actually!)

I am thinking of participating in this tomorrow.  Let’s see what the topic is, I will draw something based on it and post it here.  Told Varun about it too, probably he will participate as well.

Varun also pointed me to this game called Gridlock.  See this chat transcript from sometime back:

Karthik Abhiram: This game is pretty good
Karthik Abhiram: I'm on Level 4
Varun Abhiram: hehee get till level 20 and you'll go mad
Varun Abhiram: that crazy fella made 40 levels it seems

Well, I am on Level 20 now and I am going mad.

Gridlock - Level 20

EDIT (13 May, 10:20 PM): Had a look at the theme for Illustration Friday at office yesterday — it’s Angels and Devils.  And today I did an illustration based on this.  The pencilling is almost complete, after that is done I will scan it and colour it on the computer.  That will be the next post here.

Currently on Level 25 of Gridlock.  Can’t seem to figure out this one at all…



  1. Varun said,

    level 25 aaa… how HOOWWW 🙂

  2. Pablo said,

    i never got past level 2 🙂

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