April 4, 2006 at 8:32 PM (General)

I’ve been playing Doom³ recently.  It is an awesome game.  Of course, the older games still appeal to me more as they run better on my computer, and they present an altogether different experience to the player.

Anyway, Doom³ is far more horror-oriented than action — the cinematic quality of the graphics and the superb sound effects all combine to produce an unforgettable experience.  Simply put, it’s like being immersed in a horror movie, and the game has made me jump in fright on several occasions.

I’m reminded of what Trent Reznor said on the Doom III: The Legacy video a few years back — the game focuses on getting into your head and making it a scary place to be.

I’m still at an early stage in the game, so I don’t know how things will be as it progresses.  Hopefully the "monster suddenly appearing out of the dark"-type jump scares won’t get too repetitive!

I also love the theme music for the game, by Tweaker.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of Tweaker and Trent Reznor, over the last few months I’ve become quite a fan of Nine Inch Nails.  Favourite songs: "Closer", "The Hand that Feeds", "Heresy", "Only", "Head Like a Hole".



  1. Kamal Saxena said,

    this thing used to happen with me alot when i used to play Halflife in IIT surrounded by my wingies. And those head crabs used to jump and though i used to fire at them, my wingies used to get scared and shout like anything. i had to beg them to not to scare me. 😀

  2. Anonymous said,

    I see you are ‘knee deep in’ Classic DooM wadding. Check out CDoom mod for DooM³ (I’ve not tried it), the screen shots comparing original and the D3 versions are cool.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hi Hero!

    Fancy bumping into your blog!

    How is life treating you?

    Take care and be good!

    Prof. Lionel Aranha

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