Command Control Picture

March 30, 2006 at 9:56 AM (General)

I had trouble publishing to the blog in the past few days, so I couldn’t post this photo.  The problem seems to be fixed now, so here is the pic (click for a larger image):

EDIT (8:50 PM): Perhaps a bit of explanation of the items in the picture will be good —

  • The various items shown in the picture (yes, including the table itself) have been purchased over the last 6 months or so.
  • The picture was taken with Sandip’s camera.
  • Command Control is the name of Episode 1, Level 4 of Doom.
  • The two laminated photos are by my brother Varun.  I actually bought them from him — that’s how much I liked the pieces!
  • The RIPPLES award was for painting.
  • An earlier photo actually showed the table with a full mug of tea, but unfortunately the picture was not good (besides, I forgot to keep the USB drive there).
  • The Batman toy I bought, the Pokemon toy came free with a "Kiddy Meal" at Marrybrown Restaurant.
  • The desktop wallpaper on the computer today is not the Doom one — it is now a scene from a Hellblazer comic (issue #27 if I remember right — the story is "Hold Me" written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Dave McKean).


1 Comment

  1. Varun said,

    Hey! So many new posts! Where are you posting them from?

    Love the pic… you forgot to label the vaseline though 😛

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