Empty Spencer’s

March 8, 2006 at 10:13 AM (General)

Kamal is in Chennai on official work for a few days, so on Sunday, he, Rama and myself met in Spencer’s Plaza.  We had dinner at The Noodle House there.

A couple of things distinguished this meeting from an ordinary one.  First, there was the presence of a lot of electronic equipment — I brought along my laptop to show them Varun‘s Dark Machine video, and Rama brought along his digital camera.

It was around 10 PM by the time we finished dinner, so at that time Spencer’s Plaza was practically deserted.  So we took photos of ourselves in front of closed shops, in empty corridors, etc.  Then transferred the photos to my computer before going back home.



  1. Varun said,

    Are you sure you didn’t take your laptop to show them your laptop? 😉

    Speaking of videos, lookie at my blog…

  2. Kamal Saxena said,

    Hey Kathik,
    send me the link to photos ?

  3. kato said,

    i guess you might know chennai though a metro has nearly no night life

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