Movies: Jason X

May 8, 2005 at 7:21 PM (General)

Last night on HBO at 9 PM, they showed Jason X, the tenth movie in the Friday the 13th series.

I’d read the script a few years ago, and got to watch the movie last night.  It was an entertaining movie, though nothing special.  The movie is an interesting attempt though, at making a Friday film in space.

The movie starts off in the future (I think 2008 or something) where after several attempts at executing the captured killer Jason Voorhees, it is finally decided to keep him in cryogenic suspension.  The Project Head of this is Rowan (Lexa Doig), who is not too happy when some authorities show up to take away Jason’s body, so that they can study him and discover the secret of his regenerative capability (or in other words, how he returns in each sequel despite being killed off in the previous movie).  Jason, of course, manages to get loose, but Rowan draws him into the cryo-chamber and activates it — but not before he stabs her and releases the freeze gas all over.  As a result, Rowan and Jason are frozen.

About 450 or so years later, a few people show up on the surface of Earth (which has become an uninhabitable wasteland) to salvage stuff, and they discover the two frozen bodies.  They take them aboard their ship and reanimate Rowan, and keep Jason under observation.  It’s not too soon before he thaws and starts walking around the ship, killing anyone in his way.

I actually found this movie quite entertaining.  It’s apparent that the filmmakers aren’t expecting the audience to take any of it seriously, and just have a good time with it.  The action starts very quickly, and there are some creative kill scenes (best had to be the frozen-head thing).  Some of the effects were good, others didn’t look so good.  A number of in-jokes are also to be found here.  Overall a fun movie, though there were no scares at all.

Written by Todd Farmer, directed by James Isaac.  Jason X was followed by Freddy vs. Jason, which I thought was better than this movie.


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