A new drawing… and my best one yet!

April 15, 2005 at 11:42 PM (General)

The first time I attempted drawing a picture of Varun was some seven years ago.  That attempt came out pretty well.  A few days back though, Varun suggested that I do a caricature of him (after looking at the caricatures I did for Interface).  So I did, and here is the result:

I consider this drawing the best I have done till date.  Varun was very happy with it too…



  1. Ismaele said,

    WOW! This drawing is fantastic! 🙂 It looks very realistic: Varun seems to come out from the paper! 😮 He, he! =D Great work!

  2. Arun said,

    Thats really professional, dude! Seems you just master any style in no time 😉


  3. Nagesh said,

    Simply amazing work Kars.

  4. Mansi said,

    Nice drawing Karthik… as usual… and I really like the way you’ve complemented it with the touches of color in the corners… nice..

  5. Karthik Abhiram said,

    The touches of colour on the sides were added by Varun himself… it was also he who touched up the photo.

  6. Abhishek Singh said,

    Thats a nice one …

  7. Kamal Saxena said,

    well definitely this shud be ur best as this has emotinal feelings attached with it. but how can i foget the work u did for the interface. i’ll say even they r ur best. they are also as good as this one.

  8. Kamal Saxena said,

    btw… what about the desktops u were making. having a break, is it 🙂

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