Comics: Planetary

April 8, 2005 at 4:04 AM (General)

While I was in Manipal, I used to always buy a bunch of Gotham comic books before leaving for any bus journey — the main reason being the fact that there was a newsstand nearby.  Just before the Kodaikanal trip last month, I again bought a bunch of books (following tradition), among which one was Planetary Issue 1.

This was a title I had not heard of before, and I was a bit surprised that it was being published in India.  Anyway I found the first issue very interesting.  The book is written by Warren Ellis and is illustrated by John Cassaday, and is about the organisation Planetary, consisting of the hundred year old Elijah Snow, the millionaire Jakita Wagner and The Drummer, who can communicate with machines.  The organisation is funded by the mysterious Fourth Man.  In the first issue, the three unearth a quantum computer built by a secret society during WW2.  A bit of searching informed me that this is actually a DC/Wildstorm Comics title (I downloaded the Preview issue from the site), and also turned up these very informative sites — the Planetary Comic Appreciation Page and Planetary.  Also got a bunch of stuff related to the comic today, will go through it tomorrow.

The Gotham Comics site is outdated and doesn’t seem to have any information on Planetary, but I am guessing it is a monthly title.  Tomorrow I will try to see if issue #2 is out.


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