Cold and Dark Script, The Hellbound Heart, Heat

March 30, 2005 at 12:50 PM (General)

I read the script for Cold and Dark yesterday.  This is a British horror/crime movie made by Sheer Films.  I don’t know whether I will ever get to see the actual film, so I read the screenplay, which can be downloaded on the site (along with the trailer and lots of other stuff — now this is what a film website should be like).

The script is by Joanne Reay (also producer of the movie), and the movie is directed by Andrew Goth.  It is about a vice detective, John Dark (Luke Goss) who has a great amount of respect for his mentor, DCI Mortimer Shade (Kevin Howarth) (who as he says, taught him what being a good copper was all about).  Dark and Shade are troubled when bad guys get away by exploiting legal loopholes, but there’s nothing really they can do.  However, when certain high-profile criminals start ending up dead, Dark realises that Shade has changed into something not entirely human.  He has been taken over by a parasite called the Grail, that feeds off the blood of humans.  An interesting story.  The trailer has Linkin Park’s "Numb" on the soundtrack.

I also read the Clive Barker book The Hellbound Heart yesterday evening.  Barker himself wrote and directed Hellraiser, the film adaptation of this story.  If you have seen the movie, the story here is quite similar — a young woman, Julia, discovers that her lover Frank has returned from the dead, and is existing in a skinless, semi-human state in one of the rooms in her house.  Frank has spent quite some time in the realm of the Cenobites, who specialise in sensory experiences that this world simply cannot hope to offer.  The gateway to their dimension can be opened by solving the Lemarchand Configuration, a puzzlebox.  Like the film, this is not just a horror story but is a lot deeper and very fascinating.

Finally, I watched the first CD of Heat yesterday and it seems like an excellent film.  It’s a pretty long film though, and I have two more CDs to watch, before giving comments.


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