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March 28, 2005 at 12:30 PM (General)

My parents and Varun arrived in Manipal at around 4:30 PM on 25th March.  They met many of my friends in the hostel on that day.  Later on that night I finished my packing, and the next morning, I signed out of the hostel and sent some of my stuff through XPS.  Collected my grade sheet for the Second Year as well.  Then got ready for the Convocation ceremony.

The 19th Annual Convocation of the T.A. Pai Management Institute got over on 26th evening, and I was awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management.  The function itself went off very well and everything got completed on time.  Congratulations to Guruprasad Jambunathan for receiving several of the academic prizes for outstanding performance, and to Rajesh for receiving the AgrEvo Student of the Year Award.  The Convocation Address was delivered by Mr. Vikram Mehta, Chairman of Shell India.

Update 2005 was also released at the Convocation ceremony, and it has come out really well.  Returning editor Prof. R.C. Natarajan and the student editors put in a lot of work on it.  The cover of this issue is by myself, and this is my second Update cover.

I was very happy that my parents and Varun could be present there.  We met several faculty members, friends, and their family members after the convocation, and Varun took plenty of photos.  I will be posting relevant ones at various places as time and Internet speed permit.  Later on that night, I went to KMC Greens for one last gathering of the T-Flankies, a group I was part of, for the major portion of two years.

The next morning (27th) I left Manipal with my family.  We left by cab to Mangalore airport, reached Bangalore airport by around 1:30 PM.  The flight to Hyderabad left at around 4:30 PM, and I was back home by 7 PM yesterday.  I think I finished reading all the comics that I bought recently.

Kamal had sent an email to our T-Flankies group about the consolidated rank list that was announced back at TAPMI.  My consolidated rank for the two years is 16.

Later in the evening yesterday, I unpacked my CDs, and Varun and myself watched Constantine.  Slept early (midnight) in the night as I was tired.  Visited Rob Zombie’s Blog just now.


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  1. Arun said,

    Hmmm…. 16th? Thats awesome! Seems you did really good second year…:)


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