Back from Kodaikanal

March 24, 2005 at 9:15 AM (General)

I am now back in Manipal after the Kodaikanal trip of our T-Flankies.  I’ve just been catching up with what has been going on in the past few days.

  • CCG emailed the official TAPMI Class of 2003-05 Wallpaper I sent them.
  • I got an email from Alexander Repko, informing me that a couple of my Doom levels were recently used for demo contests at Doom Power.  Thanks Alexander, and thanks to the organisers of the contests and the players!  Perhaps I will pay a visit to the Systems Lab today and download all this stuff.  I thought I’d settled all the downloading and CD writing business earlier, but apparently it’s not over just yet!
  • According to, The Ring Two is a bad movie.
  • Director Paul Greengrass offered an insightful interview on his upcoming Watchmen adaptation.  I am very eager to read the book.  Judging by the interview, I guess the movie adaptation is in good hands.
  • Some interesting new levels in the latest edition of the Doomworld /newstuff Chronicles are also to be downloaded.  I suppose that Systems Lab trip is inevitable.

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