24 days to go…

March 1, 2005 at 11:20 AM (General)

Our TAPMI Intranet Portal page today was updated with a nifty little "Countdown to Convocation" — it now says that there are a little more than 24 days and 12 hours to go for our Convocation on 26th March 2005.

I watched the Oscars yesterday in the morning (from around 6:45 AM till around 10:30 AM).  And then from about 2 PM till 9 PM I was working on that "secret" Interface work.  It is coming along really well.  And then I read something for the IT Strategy exam today.

I seem to have done pretty well in the previous (5th) term of my TAPMI course.  The Rank list was out yesterday and my rank is 13 (out of 131).

While at Little Chef yesterday, the guy from the VCD library nearby came and told me that he had got the CD of Constantine — it seems six copies had already been given out, and only one was remaining.  So I rented that copy.  I am yet to watch it, but I look forward to seeing this movie (though Mansi was saying yesterday that it was "VERY bad").


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