Blog changes, Oscars

February 28, 2005 at 2:55 AM (General)

I spent some time now making a few changes to the template of this blog.  Apart from the font change (Trebuchet MS as opposed to Arial), there are other minor changes like the use of small caps text for headings.  I’ve also changed the title of the blog to Nasty Little Thing Productions.  The name comes from a drawing I did in 2003, and I use the name for my drawings, and other creations nowadays.

In a few hours from now, the 77th Annual Academy Awards will be shown on TV and I am going to get up to watch it.  I say "get up", because it’s going to be shown live at around 6:30 AM India time, and I will be able to get only a little more than three hours of sleep.  Anyway I don’t have any classes tomorrow — there was an Employee Relations class scheduled in the afternoon, but that class already happened a couple of days back.  However I will be very busy tomorrow with some important (and secret!) assistance work on Interface.  There is also the End Term exam for IT Strategy Planning and Implementation on March 1st so perhaps I will also study for that!


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