MIP Finished, Other Work

February 10, 2005 at 3:16 PM (General)

Today I finished the formalities of my MIP as I submitted the Phase 2 and 3 reports with all the relevant forms.

I have been doing quite a bit of photo editing recently.  Soon, the Corporate Communication Group at TAPMI will be putting out their magazine called Interface, which is a souvenir for us seniors, who will be passing out of the institute soon.  CCG is currently in the process of compiling all the content for the magazine, which includes write-ups about the seniors, and photographs.

Guru, Rupak, Rex, Rama, Jayesh and myself went to a place (I don’t actually know the name of the place!) about fifteen kilometres from Manipal to take our photos.  We found a couple of great locations to take these snaps, and then I edited them in Photoshop.  The photo with Guru, Rupak and Rex, has Rupak in colour, whereas the other two people are in black and white.  The second photo (Rama, JD and myself) is entirely in black and white except for the people in it!  I also added to both photos a glow that makes them look like something right out of a flashback or dream sequence scene in a soap opera.  It’s a nice effect that I have been calling the "dream sequence effect".

I have also been given an additional, shall we say, "assignment", for Interface.  I cannot say what it is right now, but it involves drawing.  Quite a lot of drawing I might add!  That has kept me busy for a while now and there is still work to do.  It is fun though and I am enjoying it.


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