Back in Manipal

February 1, 2005 at 11:55 AM (General)

I reached Manipal on 30th January after spending nearly 25 hours on various buses.  Anyway the travel was worth it, because I got to spend a couple of days at home.  I was also able to set up this blog, and watch a couple of good movies, and play a Doom map that I was awaiting for quite a while.

Those movies, by the way are The Butterfly Effect and The Ghost and the Darkness.

  • An interesting fact to note is that the version of The Butterfly Effect that I watched was the Theatrical Edition.  The CD that some of my friends watched in Manipal happened to be the Director’s Cut Edition, which has an alternate ending!  I will try to track that down and watch it as well.
  • The Ghost and the Darkness is a simply amazing film.  Thrilling adventure, great acting, great setting, and fantastic music score (Jerry Goldsmith).

The Doom map I played was Sarge Baldy’s sequel to his earlier Neith, this one called very appropriately, Under Neith (the name was suggested by Nick Baker).  I will post a review here soon.


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