The Timeline of Events

January 28, 2005 at 2:38 PM (General)

Whew, it has been quite a while since I updated, and there have been some important developments.

Firstly, I now have a job!  The Campus Placement Process at TAPMI began on 19 January, and it was pretty much all-out chaos on 18th and on that day.  There were several companies on campus and students were running around here and there, attending pre-placement talks, giving interviews or taking part in group discussions.  The Placement Committee had the task of coordinating all this chaos and they did a wonderful job.

Anyway, I was placed in Tata Consultancy Services in a HR post on January 19th.  I was so happy about this, because I had only applied to a few companies — due to my interest in joining in a HR role in an IT company, and due to the fact that my profile didn’t really match with what other companies were offering.  On 19th morning I was waiting for TCS to arrive on campus, and they did at around 11:30 AM.  They conducted a written test, and after that I had one level of interview with Mr. Chakravarthy, and then a telephonic interview with Capt. Girish, Head HR, Bangalore.  After that Mr. Chakravarthy confirmed that "I was part of the TCS family"!

Here is an article that appeared in the Economic Times about our placements.

My location and exact role have not been confirmed yet.  But I was told that my joining date would be about one month after completing my PGDM course at TAPMI.

The next few days went off without event at TAPMI, after which came the 23rd of January, when a particular course called Markstrat started.  Now since I had not taken that course, I had one whole week without classes.  So I finished my MIP Phase 2 and 3 reports, submitted them, and got permission to come home.

I started on 25th night from Manipal and reached Bangalore the next morning, only to find that there were no buses running to Hyderabad until that evening.  My father therefore booked tickets on an Air Deccan flight to Hyderabad.  I waited for about eight hours at Bangalore airport, and boarded the flight at around 5 PM.  I reached Hyderabad about an hour and a half later.

So I am now at home, typing this.  Sadly, this is a very short vacation — I have classes starting on 31st, so I have to leave Hyderabad tomorrow evening, and return to Manipal.


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